Our Capabilities

Precision Cleaningcache_4206681441

  • LOX Cleaning
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • High Purity Solvent Cleaning
  • Aqueous Degreasing
  • Total Filterable Solids (TFS) Analysis
  • Non-Volatile Residue (NVR) Analysis
  • Ultraviolet Hydrocarbon Inspection

Our precision cleaning and verification methods are performed
within our custom built 1600ft² CLASS 7 cleanroom per ISO-
14644-1 with CLASS 5 laminar flow work benches. Our cleanroom is capable of accommodating assemblies as large as 8’ x 25’ in size.

Applicable Specifications:
CGA-4.1, SN-C-0005, MIL-STD-1246, IEST-STD-CC1246,
KSC-C-123, MIL-STD-1330, MIL-STD-1359, NAS1638,
ARP1176, MA0110-301, STP0407, STP0531, ASTM F311,
ASTM F331 , ISO14952, ISO4406, RA1610-065,
RA1610-070, RA1610-075, RA0110-018, 1P00071 , 5-75192

Abrasive Cleaningdry_ice_blasting

  • Sand/Bead Blasting
  • Vibratory Cleaning/Polishing

We use several types of media to ensure proper deburring, cleaning and finish without damaging your parts.

Types of media:
Aluminum Oxide, Corn Grit, Glass Beads, Walnut Shells, Black
Beauty Slag, Poly Plastic


  • Citric Acid
  • Nitric Acid

In our efforts to be environmentally conscious, Citric Acid Passivation is the method of choice in our facility due to its low impact on the environment. Although we prefer to use this method, we can passivate with Nitric Acid Solutions per customer requirements.

Applicable Specifications:
QQ-P-35, AMS 2700, ASTM A380, ASTM A967, MIL-S-5002

PRESSURE-TESTINGIMG-20130716-00637 copy

  • Hydrostatic
  • Hydraulic

Pressure Range:
Hydrostatic: 0 – 10,000 PSIG
Hydraulic: 0 – 15,000 PSIG

Applicable Specifications:
AMS 2615, AMS 2610


  • New and used filters


Applicable Specifications:
ASTM D3951, STP0408, HBPS-32-001